Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Take two herbs, jab yourself in the foot here, and call me in the morning

With time allotted me on this glorious snow day, I decided to delve with more energy into the world of Chinese Medicine, and I have to say I'm more confused now then ever...

I can't tell if I have a Kidney Yin deficiency or a Yang Deficiency...if my Estrogen is too low, or my LH too high?  Is it both or neither?  Perhaps I should start treating myself for "Dampness" and Liver Qi Deficiency, or maybe I should just return the book to the library and leave the the diagnosis and treatment to the proper authorities.  Then again this author, Randine Lewis, is supposed to have helped hundreds of women to have healthy babies with or without the use of ART and she is quoted and showed great reverence by Dr. William Schoolcraft, author of another book I'm reading, and head of one of the best fertility clinics in the country

Maybe I will win the lotto, and can go spend a few months at Dr. Lewis' clinic in Houston Texas...oh wait, I don't play the lotto...oh well.

Anyway, my next and possibly last (for awhile) RE appt. is on Friday.  We are going to find out if those crazy expensive tests have provided us with ANY new information, and then we will make a decision about a) treatment, b) changing doctors, and c) waiting till the move to pursue things further.  I can't tell if I'm excited or miserable, but I guess all with be revealed in due course. 

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  1. Good luck with your appt! I hope they find answers for you, and ones that are easily fixed. Why oh why must everything be so expensive :(