Friday, February 18, 2011

Something fun

After yesterday's depressing post, I thought I would add something a little fun... 

I watched this movie the other day on the recommendation of a fellow IFer, and though it is actually a really lovely film, it probably wasn't the best thing to watch right before going into an IVF cycle.  All the same, this clip is kind of priceless.  It starts with our "heroine" Lucy, racing off to her doctor's office for a post-coital test.

*Side note, I recommend following the clip link rather than watching it here, as the quality is really diminished on the blog. 


  1. Haha I really enjoyed this movie, and especially this clip!! Rowan Atkinson is awesome!! According to IMDB "Hugh Laurie directed some scenes when Ben Elton (director) had to go to hospital for the birth of his children. Elton and his wife had been undergoing IVF treatment. "

  2. I saw bits of this movie and I could relate. Plus I love Hugh Laurie.
    Thanks for posting.