Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quick update: thoughts a-jumble

Just got back from my Day three (or really 4 in my case) blood draw.  I've secured our financing, signed the paperwork for the IVF and received a prescription for BCPs, though this morning DH started second guessing our decision to go ahead with IVF.  We are going to have another long chat when he gets home, but I really think this is the best decision for us right now, and I'm hoping he agrees and I can start popping those pills.

If all goes well...
We are having a hysterscopy in a couple of weeks, so as long as we get the green light after that, I would be starting Lupron the first week of March, and have egg retrieval, etc. the week of March 20th.  I want to do this.  I am terrified, but it just doesn't matter.  I want to try. 
It's all moving so fast...fingers crossed that things keep moving ahead and I don't turn out to need surgery to remove a fibroid.  So much will ride on that hysterscopy. 

Apologies for the stream-of-conscious writing.  My head is basically spinning off, and I just drank a large cup of coffee (my first one in weeks).  Hope all is well with you ladies.


  1. WOW WOWEEE!! :) Yay, so exciting! Here we go! Time to get pregnant :D

  2. It's such a big decision. I am close to making it myself. But try to be excited. This could bring you all the closer to that little bundle of joy.
    Good luck with the talk with your hubby!

  3. So exciting!! I'm waiting to start my birth control for our 1st cycle of IVF... scary, but very exciting... :) Hope all goes well with the hysterscopy!

  4. Hoping your chat with your hubby goes well. I am thinking of you and hope you can get this party started! Even though fear can set in you are strong enough to do this!