Monday, February 7, 2011

Pushing Aginst the Wall

Just called my RE, and asked my RE's nurse about setting up our baseline ultrasound for our first monitored Clomid cycle.  She said, “don’t worry, we have till day 5 to get you in for that.”  I replied that I am supposed to start on Day 3 (which is what I had started on before, and still didn't ovulate till Day 17, and no one had informed me we would be changing it this time around).  Her answer, with attitude, “well Kerri, if we are going to do a monitored cycle HERE, WE are going to follow OUR protocol, and Dr. C starts everyone on day 5”.  All this said as if I had been arguing with her - jeez.  
My actual feeling on all this, a) not everyone is the same, so why would you start everyone on the same day regardless of diagnosis?  and b) What a B*&^h!  Man, I can't wait to find new RE!

I also asked about the Estrogen therapy - recommended by one of you lovely ladies to aid with my terribly thin lining.  She told me that this is just not something they do (feel like I'm hearing that a lot from them) with Clomid cycles, but she will talk to the doctor about it tomorrow when she's in.  Well, gee-whiz lady, don't do me any's just my body and my infertility diagnosis after all. 

I don't get it.  I have been nothing by sweet, simpering and polite to these people, but they are treating me like the worst, craziest, most non-compliant patient in the history of patients.  I have made a couple of small suggestions and requests regarding my treatment, and all have been shot down with comments like, "Well (eye roll), if you are really pushing against the wall to do that, we will, but..." 

Gaaah! How do I always pick such winners for doctors?  I have the worst medical karma ever.  I try to pick people based on their qualifications and online patient reviews, and yet I almost always wind up picking someone who makes me cry and overlooks my medical records while throwing out diagnoses and pills.  Since this all started, in fact, I have had several secondary or tertiary doctors look over what the previous one had done or not done, and be astonished at how that doc could have missed something so obvious and why on earth did they prescribe X?  My response, I don't know, I just did what they told me to do.  

So much for being my own advocate and taking charge of my fertility...I'm trying to do both this time around (especially considering the stakes at this point) and still be a well-behaved patient, and apparently that means I'm "pushing against the wall."  Well, why hasn't it gotten me anywhere?


  1. UGH that stinks that they're pitching an attitude with you. What a bitch.
    Hopefully if you do find a new RE, everyone will be nice and helpful!
    Geeze, that makes me so angry even reading stuff like that.
    Why even go in to a profession where you help people if you're just going to get an attitude when someone asks a question!

  2. I'm so sorry!!! I have fired three doctors so I totally feel you. I hate doctors and nurses that don't listen to you. This is our body hello!

  3. Yeah, that is no good. Try to keep in mind that it's not you AND you have the right to ask questions and make suggestions. It's your body. Please try to find a new RE if you can. You don't want to go on this difficult journey and be fighting a difficult RE's office.

    Just do what they want for this one cycle and then GET OUT!

    Sorry girl. I hope it get's better.

  4. Some people just don't have the best social manners - sorry you had to deal with some grumpy people!

  5. Could it be that the RE doesn't know how his/her nurse is acting? I would try bringing it up to him/her and see how they react. Badly, get a new one, if they react well, stay with them. I had a doctor that had a total twat for a nurse, I informed him, he was horrified and said he would talk to her. She was nothing but peaches and cream after that. Sometimes they don't know their nurses are behaving in such a manner.