Monday, February 28, 2011

Pity Party Passed

Okay, so the pity party is officially over, and I'm moving on as of today...seriously!  I'm going to take my name off the dance group list, get over it and move on...this is for my unborn baby(ies) after all.

I had this epiphany during my warrior poses last night.  Damn those are some good yoga moves.  They are so much easier than the other moves so I feel really graceful and advanced when I'm doing them, plus they just make you feel so damn powerful and Xena-like! 

In other news, I'm starting to get nervous about starting the Lupron on Wednesday.  This is it, no backing out now.  Does anyone know if it matters if you take it in the am or pm?

I picked up a new pair of (clearance item!) yoga pants to wear basically throughout my stimming period. I bought them in black, hoping I can get away with wearing them at work...we'll see how that turns out.  I have a feeling I will wind up taking some time off towards the end though, if I can't even sit up without being in pain.  I guess we will see.

I wanted to say a quick congratulations to Aly over at the Infertility Overachievers.  She just found out she is pregnant with IVF baby number 2 after just one IVF cycle.  Her first baby only took one cycle too, so you can imagine she is my idol/inspiration right now.

Okay, off to work I go.  Happy Monday everyone.


  1. I love YOGA!!! I'm super jealous that you are going. We were doing Yoga and then decided to join the gym, the have a HOT Yoga class there, I'm just not so sure about that, yet..LOLOL!!

    Enjoy Yoga, it's all about you and for you without judgement of your body. I know you'll do beautifully!!


  2. Wish I could say it was a yoga class, but I'm actually just doing the DVD at home (can't afford the classes right now). I don't mind so much though..this way I never have to feel self-conscious :)

  3. Yay for yoga! :-)
    Definitely invest in some comfy pants!! I was lucky that I wore scrubs everyday :-) And pj pants on the off days.
    I would take Lupron at night, in hopes you sleep through any side effects.
    GOOD LUCK! Woot!

  4. Am so glad you are feeling better now. Did you come up with a good excuse for not participating? You could say you have a back issue, or a pulled muscle or something.
    I hope this the one and only IVF you will ever need. How are you finding the clinic? I am pretty satisfied with the clinic. They are so prompt with phoning results, scheduling appointments and just being nice. I am sure you will have a similar experience. Sometimes when I see women in the waiting room, I wonder if you are among them :)

  5. Good luck with the Lupron! I'm sure you will do great.

    Awesome idea with the yoga pants... I will have to try to get away with wearing them at work too when I start stims! :)

  6. Your go get 'em attitude today is inspiring! Thank goodness for yoga to help sort through thoughts. Glad to hear you are feeling better today.

  7. So glad you're doing yoga. It is truly healing for the body, the mind, and the soul.