Monday, February 14, 2011

To My Funny Valentine

Some of the ladies of the If-osphere have been posting their wedding photos, and other fun pictures, and I thought I would join in.

I truly loved everything about my wedding day, but by far the best part was just getting to marry the love of my life.  My husband is my rock and my happiness, my partner and lover, and of course, my sweet, funny valentine.   Here is a little photographic trip down memory lane of our wedding and build up to it.

This is the amazing cake my sister and one of my best friends made for my bridal shower.  I happen to be a huge Jane Austen fan, so my sister had the brilliant idea of surprising me with an Austen themed afternoon tea party/bridal shower.  I loved it!

P.S.  The cake was delicious!

Wedding #1 - Somerville City Hall 2008.  This photo should have chronologically been first, but it just didn't seem like the right opener.  We, like many before us, were married before we were married.  We did this mainly for legal/timing reasons pertaining to the filing of DH's green card papers.  It was supposed be "no big deal" wasn't our real wedding after all, just a piece of paper.  I wasn't even wearing white (in fact I was dressed for work which I went to afterward).  
It was a perfect spring day and the nice justice of peace who performed the ceremony invited us to tie the knot outside rather than in the cramped little room at the back of City Hall.  We found a perfect spot under a blossoming tree.  We both cried.  It was magical.
Later that day my mom insisted we do something to celebrate.  She sent us out to dinner, on her, so we went to the fanciest place we could find.  One of the steak and cigar places in Boston that has been around since the city was founded.  It was wonderful and delicious.

Here I am, drunk off my ass at my bachelorette party.  I admit to having no memory of this photo being take, though I'm grateful you can't see the fuzzy, sequined tiara on my head.

Mehendi - The Friday of our wedding weekend extravaganza, I had a henna artist come and paint me.  It took about 6 hours, but the design was so beautiful.  Here is one arm finished.  I especially loved the elephant up on top, and the bride design on my palm (there was a groom on the other side).

Wedding #2 Long Island, NY June 2009 - We had two beautiful ceremonies, one Jewish and one Hindu.  So in total, that's right, we've been married 3 times!  I have much nicer professional shots, but I always liked this photo.  It was taken by a family member, at the tail end of the wedding when everyone was heading home and I love how tired and unpolished but happy we look.

I was actually sick as a dog the weekend of my wedding (and I lost my voice the day before at our Mehendi/Sangeet), but I had the greatest bridal attendants.  Every few hours they would magically appear at my side with DayQuil and glass of water, and I hardly had to talk except to say "I do" and "Thank you for coming".

After the whole affair was over, and our stuff packed up into the hired car, we were whisked away to the Big Apple to the Waldorf Astoria.  We didn't actually take our full honeymoon till the following December, but those two days in NYC were unforgettable.

This shot was taken by my hubby at a restaurant near our hotel.  I had refused to wash off my wedding make up or completely take down my hair even though I was a kind of a mess.  I just wanted to basque in the glory of the day a little while longer. :)

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  1. Fun to hear the story of your many weddings. I love the henna. Beautiful!

  2. Oh so pretty! I love the photo of you passed out on the floor--that's awesome.

  3. What a sweet post! Weddings sure do fly by!