Friday, February 4, 2011


Confused, bewildered, and ready to leave... That is how I feel after my latest appointment with the RE.

The latest DX information: Some kind of autoimmune clotting situation going on - not sure of exact details as they weren't explained to me.  Instead I was just told to start taking baby aspirin.

Furthermore, I apparently have a  resistance to Folic Acid, so I'm to start taking prescription level Folic Acid.

The craziest part of all, it wasn't till I brought up that my endometrial lining seemed thin, that my doc agreed with me and we started to discuss this.

The option she gave us - IVF.  I was stunned...wait, no more testing, no IUIs, no stops along the way, just straight to the big guns?  What about a post-coital test* or even just cycle monitoring to see what's actually happening with my lining and my ovaries, etc.  Why not start simply?  
* As a side note, I asked about the post-coital test, and the nurse said something like, "I don't think the doctor would do that, no.  It's not really necessary, and we just don't do that test anymore." - WTF! Post-coital testing is now somehow outdated?

I asked about injectibles, to boost my lining and help with ovulation (rather than the Clomid we are about to try again which destroys your lining).  Her answer was that with my poly-cystic ovaries this would lead to too great a risk of multiples or hyperstimulation, and that we are better off with IVF if we try injectibles and being able to control the number of embryos put in the uterus; plus we can then look at the embryos and see if there is anything wrong with them.

I understand her logic, but haven't tons of you ladies out there tried Gonadatropins with PCOS and been fine?  I need and want a second opinion.  I don't feel at all comfortable with the options before me.  I don't think we are understanding the whole picture just yet.  I mean, she hasn't even considered doing an MRI of my potentially septate uterus - even my OB/Gyne wants me to do that much. 

What if the only issue is just my lining and late ovulation?  Why is IVF my only option?  Why aren't we investigating everything; leaving no stone unturned?  Am I cynical enough to believe that I'm being rushed to IVF because it makes the most money for the clinic?  I don't think I am, but the thought has certainly crossed my mind. 

I feel pushed, and most of all not-supported.  Even if we pursue IVF, it will not be with this clinic, no matter how good their "rates" are, because I just don't feel comfortable there.  The doctor is having us try another cycle on Clomid (50, instead of the 100 the Gyne wanted to put me on), and I asked if we could do monitoring, so at least we can get an idea of what is happening during my medicated cycles.  That's the only plan right now.

I need advice more than anything right now.  Also, if anyone knows an amazing RE in the greater Chicago area that they can recommend who might be able to offer me another opinion, I would be really grateful.


  1. Sorry this is all going the way it is. If it makes you feel better, my RE said the same thing about injectables. Since I have pcos, he doesn't want me using them unless I do IVF.

    I would insist on doing mroe testing though if that's what you want.

    If's your body and you get to choose what you are ready for.

  2. Do NOT listen to any doctor that doesn't want to try you on injections just b/c of PCOS. It's total BS that it's too risky.
    Sure some women do overstimulate, but that's what close monitoring is for.
    Hell, I have PCOS and I understimulate.
    Definitely get a 2nd opinion. Don't let any doctor try to push IVF on to you so quickly without even doing other less expensive options!
    Chicago is a big area, I'm sure there are plenty of helpful RE's out there who aren't just trying to take your $$

  3. I see Dr. Randy Morris in naperville. We just started with him so I'm not comfortable giving him a whole-hearted endorsement, but we have no complaints so far. Who are you seeing? I've heard that FCI really rushes people I to doing ivf and doesn't really customize the protocol.

    Anyway, good luck. I'm glad you're not taking the IVF decision lightly. One of my good friends likened it to falling in love "when its right, it won't be a decision so much as just the next logical step."

  4. I don't know of any RE's in the Chicago area but I do know that it is so important to feel comfortable with a plan before moving forward. I can't believe they are willing to do some more testing or try other options before sending you right into IVF. One of the things that has helped my husband and I get to the point we are today is that we have crossed everything off of our checklists that we needed to do before pursuing different treatments. Mentally, it has made us okay with all of our choices because we ruled out all other options. I hope for you that you can find an RE that can give you a second opinion and a plan that you are comfortable with.

  5. I had an appointment last Monday with my RE and I asked the same question about hostile CM and a post coital test!! He looked at me like I was crazy, and said that's dated, he doesn't think it's an issue and they don't test for that anymore. It's good to know he wasn't just making that up! (and I wasn't the only person who searches for tests/information!)

    I am so sorry you feel rushed. I have PCOS and have been doing injectable cycles for going on 5 cycles! (I did not respond to Femara, and RE doesn't believe in using Clomid) It is possible with PCOS to use injectables! Just requires monitoring and starting at a low dosage. Yes, multiples can be an issue but, you can always cancel a cycle if you have too many. Have you talked about taking Estrogen for your lining? I take .5mg prior to ovulation and 2mg after, and it has boasted my lining greatly.
    My RE did say that IVF is the best option for controling multiples with PCOS because they are a possibility with Femara,Clomid and/or injectables. But that is why they watch you closely. To prevent it!
    I totally recommend getting a second opinion! Good luck!!

  6. Ladies thank you so much for all the advise and support.

    @Blooming Woman - I'm seeing Dr. Coulum at the Rineheart Institute for Reproductive Medicine. I actually heard good things about Dr. Marut at FCI, but I thought the Rineheart Center would be a more personal experience and the ratings were even better than FCI.

    @Me & You - Thank you so much for the information. I am going to ask my doctor about the estrogen supplements for our Clomid Cycle this month, and I am definitely going to seek out another opinion from a different clinic.

  7. I have lean PCOS and overstimulated on even 50 mg of CLomid so I thought injectables/IUI would be a disaster, but surprisingly, on a very low dose, I have had a more controlled response than I ever did on Clomid (however, needless to say it hasn't gotten me pregnant yet). Good luck to you - I really hope you'll be able to find a RE who takes your concerns and wishes into consideration and yes, it does sound like perhaps the current RE may have a bit of an agenda.

  8. I just started following your blog, but wanted to share my experience. I did Clomid & Ovidrel-IUI for 4 cycles and responded well, but we never got a BFP. I then requested to try out Follistim because I wanted to be more aggressive with it. My RE was totally fine with that, but started me off on a very low dose of 25IU per day. You will need a bit more monitoring with injectables, but it's all in your best interest. I ended up getting my BFP on my 4th injectables-IUI cycle. REs should do minimally invasive protocols first. You might want to ask about planning to do injectables with an IUI but if you end up with a bunch of follicles, switching over to IVF that cycle. Injectables are totally fine, just need to be monitored closely.