Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lupron, A love Story

I would like to begin this post with a short declaration of love for my Lurpon injections.  It is truly amazing how something so small, and seemingly so innocent, can wreak so much havoc create such sensations in my body.  Since Lupron came into my life, I have experienced such flutters of heart, such red-hot flushes of the cheek, pangs of the head, and shifts of emotion as to make even strangers stop and take notice.  I can't eat, I can't sleep, and the world seems aflame with night sweats passion...all because of you, my dear, dear Lupron.

Okay, now onto other delights...
I had my baseline testing this morning, and should hear the stims fertility drug forecast sometime before Friday afternoon.  Wandy, my old friend, was a bit extra cruel this morning while playing hide and seek with my left ovary.  I winced, I cried, thanked the technician for another amazing morning, and went to collect my freshly diluted low dose HCG from the nurse.     

For now, I'm to continue the Lurpon injections, with the aim of starting the Follistim over the weekend on the 12th.  My case is a little high risk with all those sleepy PCO antral follicles, so I think they are just being extra cautious.  I read recently, that my doctor is considered an expert in working with PCO patients, so I'm trying to relax and leave it all in his talented hands - though I admit to still panicking a little and wanting to demand we start stimming earlier.

Lupron side effects aside, things are going pretty smoothly.  I'm feeling safe in this little cocoon of, "I'm doing all I can right now," and really taking this cycle one day at a time.  I feel stronger and calmer, and apparently I'm showing it as both my acupuncturist and therapist commented on my changed demeanor this week. I'm laughing more, crying a lot less, and spending actual quality, cuddly time with my husband.  It's true, I have no libido to speak of, and I might be going a little insane due to lack of sleep (thanks again Lupron), but really, what is that compared to a week of remembering the person I used to be....before all this?


  1. Glad everything is going on track. This post made me laugh, especially the part about "passion". Good luck.

  2. Oh, I hear you! Day 15 of those lovely Lupron shots here... I have a different side effect that I just wrote about that's not any fun either! Glad you are laughing more... this is truly one day at a time!

  3. Oh the things we go through for those future babies! I hear you on the drug side effects, although I have never been on Lupron myself.

    Hang in there and keep the posts coming. I want to know everything as I may be heading to IVF in a few months.

    Good luck!

  4. I have to agree with your "having no libido to speak of", I can't find mine - ANYWHERE!
    I'm glad that you are pushing through the Lupron shots and the meetings with Wandy. :)

    Wishing you all the best!! Fingers and toes are still crossed! ;)


  5. Kerrik, just saw your comment on my post. That had to be us!! we were in room 4 and it was around 8:45. Were you sitting in another exam room (i remember seeing a lady sitting in the exam room next to the loo). That is so kool, that you noticed. Its such a small world :) I still can't believe it, hehe.

  6. LOL, you are too funny! I love this post! You're doing great, so hang in there! You can do it!!! Hugs.

  7. You are too funny :D
    Stinks that the lupron is giving you such bad s/e. Oh the things we do!

  8. Lupron sounds AWESOME - HA.
    I still don't quire understand all of the different protocols and methods that the different drs use. But I think i am grateful that I avoided this drug so far.

    Taking the cycle one day at a time has been working well for me. I usually can't let go that well, but somehow I am just taking this one step at a time.