Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bloat Boat or Fertility Report #4

Hey everyone, hope you are all enjoying your weekends in your respective parts of the world! 

I wanted to thank you ladies so much for all the great comments, words of support and heartfelt advice that I have received from you all since starting this IVF cycle.  You are the most amazing group, and I'm pretty sure my ovaries have heard your cheering cause they've done some impressive follicle growing this week.

I've been thinking a lot more about the embryo transfer situation, and taking all your comments into consideration.  We still haven't decided - and really we can't till we know the health and numbers of our embryos - but I think DH and myself are both leaning towards a single embryo transfer if there are enough really good quality embryos that we can safely freeze a few for later transfer. 

Things here are going well, though I'm so bloated at the moment that I feel I'm stating to need a pretty wide berth around me just to maneuver through the house.  My ovaries are much more achey today, I have a nasty heat rash from all the night sweats, and my digestion feels like it has stopped altogether, but I'm overall cheerful and trying to remind myself that it is all for a good cause. 

This morning's appointment was a success, in that they've now moved my retrieval date up to Tuesday/Wednesday.  Unfortunately, they had just had me order more meds (which can't be returned), so that may be $550 down the drain depending on how things work out.  I have one more monitoring appointment tomorrow morning, and then we'll see when trigger is going to be, etc.

The Report:
        Lining = 7.3mm (woohoo!)
        Left Ovary = 1 x 13mm follicle, 1 x 12mm, 3 x 11mm, 3 x 10mm, & 7 small follicles
        Right Ovary = 1 x 14mm, 1 x 13mm, 3 x 12mm, 5 x 11mm, 1 x 10mm, 3 x 9mm, and 10 small
                                follicles (and the Right Ovary is the champion)
        E2 = 1153!!!,  LH = 1.2,  Progesterone = 1.7
        Meds: Reduced down to 150 ius of Follistim, no Low Dose HCG, 5 units Lupron, & Baby Aspirin

The nurse was a bit Debbie Downer, and reminded me not to get too "caught up in the numbers" cause some of these follies might not make it to or be mature enough by retrieval, and we won't get all the eggs, yadda-yadda, but I'm just gonna enjoy feeling a little hopeful for awhile thanks very much.  


  1. Wohoo! What a great report! So pleased and excited for you.

    I think your embie transfer plan sounds really good. I would probably do the same. Hoping you get lots of beauty embies so the decision is easier.

  2. Great Job friend! Go ovaries! They really are champs.

    Just try to remain positive and hopeful.

    Are you just paying for one IVF cycle? Are you going to add acupuncture?

  3. Awesome!
    I love how much information you get! The doctors here won't even tell me how many follicles I have. I try to read their furtive scribbles off the chart.

  4. Hey Kerri -

    That sounds like a pretty stellar ovary report :) It is so good to get good news for a change. My ovaries were feeling pretty achy before our retrieval too.

    My transfer is on Monday, so I'll be recovered and ready to send you some incredible thoughts for your retrieval on Tuesday/Wednesday. My only advice would be to ask for what you need from the Doctors. Mine were so fast to see that I was in pain and take care of me. I'd also recommend giving yourself an extra day to recover, just in case you need it. I'm still on the couch with my vicoden today, feeling much better than yesterday but grateful that I don't have other plans.

    It sounds like you have your reasons for requesting a 1 embryo transfer. There is some good research out recently that shows good outcomes for single transfers.

    My thinking is that, given the circumstances, twins would be our best case scenario. I've always wanted a bigger family and worry so much about being able to provide a genetic sibling that having two would be a big relief. (I can say that now because I am not a mother of twins!!!)

    You know what is best for you, and I hope that your dr will help you make the right decision.

  5. Wow, that sounds like you are well on your way to a great retrieval! We're on the same timeline and I hope it's good news for both of us! Good luck!

  6. Those sound great!! I'm keeping everything crossed that it's smooth sailing. *babydust*

  7. WOOT! Go overaries go! Er well.. Grow Follicles GROW! ;)
    I can't wait to hear how many they end up getting!