Saturday, December 4, 2010

TWW Update

So a lot has been happening with this cycle, and I'm almost completely set on trying Clomid next time around.  I ovulated on either day 25 or 26, so I have pretty much written this cycle off as a failure to conceive, and I've been busy making myself crazy reading about the low chance of fertility for a woman like me (one who regularly ovulates after day 20) and the fact that even if I did magically manage to conceive I would probably miscarry.

I have been taking Insulite Labs supplements this whole cycle, a recommendation from my sister, and so far there seems to be no effect.  I've been told it can take time, but I'm losing faith very quickly.  Plus the price tag is so high, I could probably be seeing an acupuncturist each month for the same amount.   I am also taking B6 supplements, Vitex (though I've gone off it for the tww), and using progesterone cream (though I had to start it after my post-ovulatory progesterone test for the sake of accuracy).  I will let you all know if this has any effect at all.

Today is either day 6 or day 7po, and I was so excited to see my BBT jump up to 99 - possible triphasic - that is until I realized I am sick with the same cold as my husband.  This evening I'm running a real fever, and I've now lost all hope once again. 

Anyway, meeting with my least favorite OB/Gyne on Monday, and I'm going to discuss Clomid with her for the next cycle.  Does anyone have experience using Clomid to have earlier ovulation, and has it worked for them?

Luck to all the other ladies out there suffering through their respective tww's!

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  1. I hope you do end up pregnant this cycle, of course. It's sounds like you have a good plan though. I've seen Clomid help a lot of late ovulators! Good luck!!