Monday, December 6, 2010

Hope springs eternal

So I am about 99.9% sure I did not conceive this cycle, but I'm actually feeling kind of okay about that.  The reason - my doc has given me the go ahead for Clomid next cycle so I'm feeling excited to just get my period already and get started on a new cycle.

In other world news...has anyone picked up a copy of the magazine Conceive?  They have this little gem in the waiting room of my Gyne's office.  I suppose I might not mind it so much if I were still in the "honeymoon" phase of TTC, but at this point I am more of a mind to write them a nasty letter.  Think Cosmo for people trying to conceive.  

My complaints:
The front cover image (not the cover shown here) - a husband, lovingly holding and kissing his very pregnant and adorable wife - hand on belly- yet all around this photograph are article titles geared towards those not yet happily knocked up and glistening with baby glow.
Featured articles:
1) "Absolutely Crazy! the Nutty Things Women Will Do to Get Pregnant" (I kid you not - I copied the title verbatim. This offensive article is full of cartoons of women standing on their head or praying to fertility statues)
2) "A Baby or Your Money Back" (somehow the idea of  a $4.99 magazine reimbursement seems a cruel joke compared to mounting infertility medical bills)
3) "GET PREGNANT 2011! A New Year's Plan that Works" (Yup ladies, that's right, Conceive magazine has figured out what we've all been missing, and for just $4.99 plus sales tax - guaranteed or your money back)
4) and finally...a special section on all the things you should buy once knocked up "Conceived: Our Regular Guide to Early Pregnancy"

Meh, is all I have to say...


  1. Geez, if i'd have known all it took to get pregnant was a magazine subscription, I would be on my second by now! They should make a magazine called "Conceive?" with titles such as- How to squint until you think that it might be positive and How to stay sexy while temping. :)

  2. OMG that is nuts!! That totally made me LOL!!

  3. Hi. Visiting from LFCA. I haven't read Conceive in awhile. Sounds like puke material. Come on over and visit my blog.

  4. Thanks for the comments ladies...Mrs. I, I think you have stumbled on something there ;)

  5. Yeah I bought a copy of that magazine likely a year or so again (early on... enough said)... it's horrible!

  6. Hi... I also found your blog from LFCA. I totally agree with you... Conceive sounds like a great magazine for someone who is first starting out but not so much for ladies like us!

    I wish you all the best with this cycle! It's great that you will be starting Clomid if you don't get your BFP... :)