Wednesday, December 8, 2010

11 dpo and waiting

I'll start by saying that I'm not one of those women who has a nice short cycle that culminates with a strong, long 14 day luteal phase - though there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with my post O progesterone levels, just the fact that I O so late to begin with.  I generally expect my LH phase to be about 11 days, + or - a day, so I guess I'm a little annoyed that AF hasn't arrived already in all her glory, and that my temps haven't gone down (which usually happens 24 hours before AF's arrival).  I'm annoyed because I've already gotten my BFN this cycle, and I just want to get started on my new cycle already.  The Clomid is primed and ready, DH and I are ready, the only somebody not getting in line - AF. 

Further annoyance...we leave on Saturday for a week long ski trip with our friends, and I just know AF is going to come right before our plane leaves the tarmac: the cramps, the heavy flow, the tears, the crazies, the headache, the backache, and the bloat will all be waiting for me Saturday morning and will continue into our long awaited vacation.  I am okay with giving up coffee (my first love) and alcohol even when I know everyone on the trip will be drinking and partying every night (hey, it's for the baby, small sacrifice there), I am okay with possible, nasty Clomid side effects throughout much of the trip (hey, it's for the baby), but I am so not cool with a miserable week of AF (the antithesis of baby) destroying my overpriced vacation and any chance for some relaxed, vacation, non-temping sexy time with DH.



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  1. Your profile made me laugh - my husband and I are also two kids their 30s who thought we would be able have kids of our own whenever the fancy struck. Oops.

    I just recently experienced a 100+ day cycle. Good times! I think I'll be on Clomid in 2011. What are the nasty side effects??