Sunday, October 31, 2010

Help...I'm an emotional, weepy wreck!

Happy Halloween to everyone!

To get into the Halloween spirit, I've apparently turned into some kind of red-eyed, unwashed, weepy monster.  It is 10 dpo, I'm in pain and have been for days, I've no interest in a shower, I can't seem to nap even though I'm exhausted and can usually nap like my life depended on it. Tylenol is doing nothing to help, and I can't stop freaking out about whether or not this could be the month. 
So far nothing but BFN's on the horizon, but I've made a pact with myself and my husband not to test again unless I miss my period. 

Oh for goodness sake, I'm about to start tearing up again...why?  I don't know?  Someone help me.  Promise me that this is all just because of some wonderful pregnancy hormones circulating in my body, playing games with my brain, and not the alternative...a warning sign of AF to come.  Tell me the pain is actually my uterus stretching and pinching around the embryo, keeping it safe and warm, and not some cyst rupturing or crazy early menstrual cramps. 


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  1. Aww hang in there! I hope your BFP is coming soon!