Monday, October 25, 2010

Happier note...the big O

Feeling a lot more optimistic today than I have in a while. I've officially ovulated, at least according to my BBT chart.  Sure, it was a little late, and sure, I had two previous LH surges with ewcm prior to the real one, but it has happened.  Three days in a row of significantly higher body temps, and a smile on my face.

Amazing, how something so simple can make me feel so good.  It worked, my body worked.  Now, if only I can get pregnant this month. 

Still worried about the bicornuate uterus, and whether or not it is right now, as I'm writing this, affecting implantation, or my ability to carry a baby to term, but trying not to think about it much. Just focusing on the positive - I ovulated all on my own! Huzzah!


  1. I love that feeling when my body works! I know how you feel. I hope and pray that a little bean implants in the perfect spot! Good luck!

  2. YAY for ovulating!!! I wish I knew the feeling of my body working on its own but oh well. I'll take working on meds hehe
    FX for a BFP and a nice healthy pregnancy! :D

  3. Thanks Lisa...I've got FX for you as well!

  4. Lisa B, hope things are going great after the latest iui.