Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wonder of Wonder

Today has been a wondrous day so far, and complete with a new found sense of hope.  Today we got to see the little yolk sac and gestational sac of our baby to be, and it was perfect.  It's still too early to try and find a fetal pole or a heart beat, but it was an incredible moment and one that I wish for all you ladies out there.  I feel incredibly grateful to have come this far, and my only dream right now is that this little one keeps right on being healthy and growing and growing. 

The Story:
DH and I drove to the RE this morning, and met with the other doc in the practice, Dr. D - Dr Fox is away on vacation.  Dr D was absolutely adorable, all smiles and gentleness.  Dr. Fox is great, but I think I liked Dr. D even more.  He answered all of our one million and one questions, which DH has written down in his terrible handwriting, and assured us that though I should have another U/S when I get back from my trip to check for a fetal heartbeat, so far everything is looking good. 

The other good news of the day, the fluid in my abdomen is almost completely gone (about 2 cm of bubble on the U/S screen).  The girls (AKA, my ovaries) are still pretty enlarged, so there will probably be no dancing or sexy time in my near future, but I think the OHSS is taking a turn for the much, much better. 


I've already started receiving some amazing stories, and I'm hoping more will come flooding in, in the coming month.  I am trying to think of other ways to spread the news (LFCA seems to have helped but I think I can only post there once), and encourage more ladies and gents out there to share, and would love to hear your ideas. 

I am leaving my job at the end of this month in preparation for our move, and I'm hoping to spend some time at that point on building a website for the project and creating things like a blog button and so forth.  Sadly, I'm not really web building savvy (as evidenced by my own simple Blogger layout), so this may be a slow moving process, but I'm determined and married to a former software engineer, so there is hope. 


To my amazing friends in the Blogosphere, particularly those who are still awaiting their BFP...
Thank you so much for your amazing support and friendship, and please know that I truly understand if you no longer wish to read or comment on my blog.  I know how hard it is to read other people's pregnancy stories or updates, even fellow IFers, and to feel like your own dreams of becoming a parent are further away than ever.  I would never want to be a reminder of that pain for anyone. 

If you do decide you want to stick around, I would love to keep hearing from you, and I also promise that this blog will not become entirely dedicated to pregnancy symptoms or pictures of ultrasounds.  I plan to continue using my blog not only as a continued means of expressing myself and connecting with you all, but also as a tool for infertility advocacy, support and understanding.

I've heard that Resolve has had difficulty building a strong force of advocates and leaders, sometimes because many of us infertiles are uncomfortable speaking out (myself included) or because they have become parents and tried to put much of this behind them, or that they do not want to be involved for other reasons.  I made a commitment to myself and to you all that I will stay involved, initially through the Stories Project, and hopefully in the future through other avenues as well, and I intend to keep that promise.  I want to learn to speak out and to fight to make this disease more wildly researched and understood.

Wishing you all and wonderful weekend.

- Kerri


  1. So so wonderful things are looking good. I've never met the other younger doc (i rememb reading on their site that his babies were conceived with the help of ivf?). Rememb when you saw us walk into the U/S room some time ago? Well you were that couple today and I wish I was there to see you walking out beaming :)
    As for pregnancy updates etc, I know what you mean. I don't feel like posting as much, because I don't want to be talking only about pregnancy updates either.
    Oh and I will try to contribute to the project when I get a chance. Will miss you once you move - although we have never met, I feel like you are my fellow Chicago infertile :P

  2. I do hope you keep us updated. You are a success story.. I love to hear success stories. Yesterday at the clinic, I could tell a couple got a BFP because the couple were just giddy! No..giddy is too small a word..elated!! They were seriously laughing out loud...loudly!! It did not bother was the sound of success!! congrats again!!
    I love this picture..:)

  3. Thanks Kerri.

    First off - congrats on the healthy pea pod. It's so nice to hear that we (IF'ers) are prevailing in this fight. Yes, it's hard to read about people's pregnancies but I am determined to be happy for you all and keep up my support. I would like to have yours when my time comes after all!

    I am glad you are staying involved in the advocacy of Infertility. Resolve needs people like you to speak out as much as you can. I plan on becoming more outspoken as soon as I can manage a pregnancy of my own. If I try and try and it doesn't happen for me, I will out myself.

    You are my inspiration and my hope. I'll continue to follow.

    MissConception (A)

  4. I'm so so happy to hear that your lil bean is doing well! Wonderful news! I love that you are still staying involved on the infertility front. I am also looking forward to still following your blog, of course! I want to know about your pregnancy, too!! I enjoy anything you write about :-)

  5. I came across your blog early from the ICLW list...Congrats on your pregnancy and I look forward to following along with you as your newest follower.

  6. You got to see your baby! oh my gosh I am so jealous. We have our ultrasound on Monday and I keep having thoughts like - what if there is nothing there on Monday. I am working hard to find good positive thoughts to fill me head with but can't help but hearing the not so positive thoughts ooze in. I think that seeing this babe will make such a huge difference in my realization that this is really real!

    Since I've started blogging and seen folks succeed, I've not given much thought to how I would handle making that transition on my blog. Your disclaimer is really sweet and thoughtful. The one thing that I have been clear about from the beginning is that my blog is my space, a safe space to unload all of my feelings. I am hesitant to make any promises about what I might or might not want to write about. Over the past year there have been some blogs that I continued to follow after their bfp and others that I didn't. I kind of figured that this was part of the ebb and flow.

    its late , I should call it a night. I think i may have started rambling here in your comments section!

    Regardless, Awesome that you got to see you bebe. I can't wait to see mine!

  7. Congrats! I fully plan on continuing to stalk you, lol.

  8. So glad things went well! BTW, I think you can post more than once on LFCA - just put something in the blurb about it being an ongoing thing, and Mel will leave it up for a while. Or email her and ask her to - she's pretty awesome.

  9. sorry for the late reply... but i am so happy for you! i'm still going to follow you as i need to keep the hope and it gives me great joy to see you become a mom!