Thursday, November 11, 2010

Poking and Prodding

Last week I had blood drawn for another series of tests.  The nice lady who took my blood, bruised me in three places and left me with one very angry vein.  The results have been trickling in, and so far things look pretty good - even my thyroid levels are looking much prettier thanks to the Synthroid.  The results are both a relief and misery, as I now have to ask the question: what do we fix if nothing is broken?

I was able to get my HSG scheduled for tomorrow, and a sonohystogram scheduled for next week, so maybe we'll have some answers soon.  The waiting is killing me, but I'm trying to distract myself with work and friends as much as possible.

DH is also going for a test, hopefully next week, so fingers crossed that all is well in that department.  He's been incredibly sweet about everything, and I truly couldn't be more grateful.  Having him as my husband and partner is one of the greatest blessings of my life, and the one thing that continues to give me hope that everything will work out just fine.

I'm worried that if we have to go see an RE, the next step from here and one we've been avoiding, it is going to be completely out-of-pocket and outside our budget.  Our state mandates at least partial infertility coverage, but our insurance company has found a loop hole out of that, and they won't cover anything, even an initial appointment.  We will be changing to a better insurance company next year, but that isn't until August, and I just can't imagine waiting that long just to start the process, especially when we don't even know if it will help.
Unfortunately, the most my OB/Gyne can do, is give me Clomid, and right now, I really don't think that will be enough. 

Anyway, more worries for another time.  I'm going to go to work and try to forget all this, even if just for a little while...


  1. Good luck with all the testing! I hope you get answers, but hopefully it's something easily fixed. I know this is a nerve-wracking time. You're in my thoughts!