Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sneaky Baby

Hey Guys,

Once again I'm sorry for the long absence.  It's been an interesting couple of weeks, including finding out that our little miracle baby is a baby girl!  I thought for sure I was having a boy, and was so surprised I asked the technician to check again.  I've also decided that the little miss is going to look like her daddy if her ultrasound is an indication.  DH and I have very different profiles from one another, and this little one definitely favors her father and her Dadi (Hindi title for paternal grandmother).  I'm just hoping she also gets his silky, thick Indian hair rather than my frizzy, unmanageable coif. 

*Warning to my still TTC readers, this entry is mostly pregnancy talk:

My tummy is now getting quite big, round and protruding in a way that I think makes it far more clear there is a baby growing in there and not extra rolls of fat.  My appetite has increased substantially, and I find myself waking more and more in the night to have yogurt or some other quick snack before getting back to sleep. 

I bought myself this wonderful maternity pillow which leaves little room for poor DH in the bed, but I love it.  It is one of those giant U-shaped pillows, and seriously I don't know how I lived without it. 

I just can't describe how much I am enjoying this belly, and the little kicks that emanate from inside it.  The baby's now kicking quite regularly, but I can't yet get my husband to feel the kicks.  In fact, every time he put his hand on my belly, she seems to stop kicking altogether.  Poor guy keeps trying, but it is unfailing.  Perhaps this is a good sign that DH has a magic touch to soothe the baby and put her to can always hope.  I've actually become rather obsessed with the baby often, how strong, and when she doesn't kick on cue (i.e. when I lay down on my side or after a cold, sweet drink) I worry something i wrong.  I know I'm being a little crazy, but it is so scary sometimes when I expect to feel her and I feel nothing.

In other news, we finally get to move into our apartment next  month.  I'm so excited to just get there, and start getting settled.  I know I won't be able to be as settled as I would like as we just can't afford everything right away, but living with things on the floor and some moving boxes will still be better than playing residence limbo in my mother's guest room. 

I found out we won't be having a baby shower, as my mother is just too staunchly opposed to it due to some old Jewish superstition, so I can forget about guess how big my belly is games or getting some nice loot for the baby before she's born.  We are just going to have to buy as much as we can by ourselves for now, and borrow from friends and non-superstitious family members - which is not quite how I imagined things, but hey, what part of this has been how I imagined it?  My sister has been awesome, and already lent us a baby swing, a great bouncer chair that can easily be moved to just about anywhere in the house or taken outside, a BundleMe, tons of clothes, organic towels and burp cloths, and a pack n' play (which we probably won't use much but will be great to have for traveling). 

Anyway, congrats once again to all the other ladies out there who recently got their two pink lines.  I've been reading your blogs even if I don't always stay on top of the commenting, and I am so happy for you guys.

All the best,


  1. Oh my gosh, congrats on your little girl!! Yay! That's exciting that your belly is growing and you're feeling movement. I would love to see a bump pic!! Good luck with the move!

  2. Yay for girls! I am really anxious to know the gender of our babies, but I suppose I should focus on just the wait to make our pregnancy public. I am impatient I tell you.

    So glad things are progressing and you are loving being pregnant. I love it too, so far!


  3. Congratulations on your baby girl! So glad things continue to go well for you. The kicks are the best, aren't they? I'm still obsessed with my little one's kicks as well. Continued best wishes to you and your family!

  4. Yayy for a little girl :) I'm sure she'll have lovely black hair. Its unfortunate about the baby shower, but it sounds like you already have a bunch of stuff you will need. Good luck with the move.

  5. Great news and congrats on a baby girl! I was just thinking about you today! Glad to "see" you back :)

  6. Yay for a sweet baby girl on the way!!! I can't live without the preggo pillow either! Every move and kick makes me smile... yay for these victories:] Take care!