Monday, August 29, 2011

Updates & advice request

Hey Everyone,

Our little family survived the storm with little more than a "Brown-out" at our evacuation location, and some other minor inconveniences.  I admit this is the first time I was ever frightened of an impending hurricane, and I believe I owe that fear to a combination of hyped up news coverage and being almost 25 weeks pregnant. 

My mom's house, where I am still hanging out and waiting for news on when we can move into our new place up near Boston, gets hit by hurricanes every now and again due to its location along the southern shore of Long Island.  It is the home I grew up in, and it is on a little island off an slightly bigger island off the bigger island of Long Island.  When a large storm hits, the filled in marsh-land that is the town that connects us to the mainland, gets buried under water while our little island tends to fair much better and rarely sees more flooding than a bit of water blocking the bridges.  Still, I was scared of being cut off from emergency medical services, so hubby and I fled to my grandma's place further north and came home last night, after most of the water had receded from the surrounding blocked roadways. 

It's been an eventful week, and I really have been scared about needing emergency medical services as I've been experiencing some odd pains and feelings down below.  I am so happy that my little bub is now considered viable outside the womb (well, at least with lots of medical intervention), but I have no wish of her making an appearance anytime soon - which is exactly what I've been afraid of.  Sadly, I have no doc out here on Long Island, and no one will see me except a hospital, so I've just been waiting to see how things go and checking in with my Boston midwife via phone.  I'm gonna talk a little about the aches and pains here, with probably TMI, but only cause I'm hoping someone might have some ideas as to what is going on:

1) occasional cramping (menstrual-like), generally relieved by bed rest
2) pressure and pain along my pelvic floor, particularly around my labia and inside the vagina
3) occasional, short bursts of stabbing pain in my vagina
4) Powerful round-ligament pain, though this is just a regular thing for me
5) heavy, painful feeling low down in lower abdomen
6) intense pressure and some pain on my bladder that comes and goes and generally sends me running for a bathroom even if I've just gone - I thought at first this was just the baby putting pressure on my bladder, but now I'm not too sure as it happens even when I don't feel the baby move or shift at all. 

As an aside, I have no symptoms of a UTI or anything outside of the pain and pressure on my bladder or the frequent need to pee (no burning or anything that I would normally experience with a UTI).  My sister thinks it might be the ligaments/tissues being weakened (possible prolapse situation), and recommends more kegels.  I've been kegeling plenty throughout this pregnancy, so I just don't know.

I'm supposed to see my midwife in Boston on Sept. 7th, but they need to reschedule and that date had already seemed a world away.  What should I do?

In happier news, some people had asked about bump photos and why I haven't posted any.  I have some, not consistent ones or anything, as the move made things complicated, but a few.  I didn't want to post them initially, but since people have requested them, I feel less strange about it.  Enjoy and notice how, almost 20 pounds later, I've literally expanded everywhere and not just in my belly.

7 Weeks

10 weeks

14.5 weeks

25 weeks


  1. You look beautiful! I don't know much about pains down there, but I am sure a nurse or midwife can maybe shed some light on it.
    I wish you the best and hope to hear more soon!

  2. I'm not sure about those pains, all at once. I have experienced some of those sharp pains and the cramps, but I just chalk it up to a growing baby and getting closer to the due date. I wouldn't guess it would warrant a visit to the emergency room, but if you don't feel right about things, you might want to call the nurse or midwife and see what they recommend.

  3. I'm no doctor and I don't want to worry you, but it's my understanding that pressure like you're describing isn't the best thing in the world. I'd find a doctor and get them to check you out asap.

  4. You look great! I had some interesting pains down there right around the same time. At my 24 week appointment I talked to my doctor about some "burning" pain that I was having very low. I was worried about a UTI, but my doctor palpated me and said it's actually a muscle down there that's separating as the baby gets bigger. Sure enough, I noticed the first tiny signs of stretch marks last night in that location. I get the stabbing pains and bladder pains a lot as well, and my baby is very low. I'm pretty sure he's punching me in the cervix and bladder! So I'm wondering if you're carrying low as well? Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Really scary about the hurricane stuff! I don't know anything about the pains you're having, but I pray it's all normal pregnancy stuff! Keep us posted!
    And thank you for posting bump pics!!!! You are absolutely ADORABLE!!!

  6. Adorable bump pics! As for the aches and pains - it would be best to ask a doc of course. But in my experience, I have had some of these as well. In fact, during my last appt, I asked the doc about the feeling of pressure and swelling down there. She said it was normal as the pregnancy progresses. Sometimes when I walk, there is so much pressure, I have to slow down. And yes, the sudden feeling of wanting to pee, but nothing to show for it seems normal too. Then again, talk to a doc for sure, but it sounds sorta normal to me (in my books at least).

  7. Thanks ladies for all the feedback and complements on my photos.

    Warrior Woman - I definitely think I'm carrying the baby low. She has spent most of her time kicking me straight down into my cervix and when she shifts positions it is like someone is trying to crush my bladder. I've tried positions to encourage her to move, but none seem to be working. Just hoping at this point that she doesn't wind up breech.

    I was able to keep my appt. date of 9/7, and so far I think I'll be okay to make it. The discomfort is manageable when I'm not on my feet too much during the day, and my midwife seems to think everything is fine so long as there is no blood or fluids. I'll still be more settled to be checked out in person, but for now I'm trying to relax and not stress about it.

  8. My sweet cousin said that my butt looked like it had grown! Um yeah, 30 lbs will do that to a girl! My boobs, my butt, and of course my belly too :)

    It sounds like you've been under a lot of stress lately. blegh. I hope that you can get settled into your new place soon and relax a little. I know that so many of my aches dissipate at the end of the day when I can curl up on my couch next to my love.

    I'll be sending you and your little girl lots of healthy strong growing thoughts . xoxo

  9. oh beautiful!!! I love to see the belly pics!! Hmm...what does your doctor say about those pains. Sounds strange. Could just be the pressure from the baby...but that does not sound fun. Thank you for commenting on my blog about the Jewish taboo of baby showers. It is a very difficult decision to go against a religious superstition. Well...the way I see it can be so hard..and we both know..we have been through infertility. So..when something this wonderful happens to us..we should celebrate. That is our right!!

  10. Please update on how your appointment went on the 7th! I wish I would have seen that sooner. I have had some of those things, and some of them indicate dehydration, some are the normal aches and pains of pregnancy, and while I've insisted I have a UTI this pregnancy, and been tested a million times, turns out, I just pee, all the time. Little one must like to sit on the bladder!! Hope all is well!